Hoarding Campaign of Galaxy for Residential & Commercial Space

Noida sector 6





Hoarding Campaign


3 Months

Scope of Work

Installation of hoarding sites in Noida and Ghaziabad in various sites. Location covered Noida Extension, NH24, Ghaziabad, Hindon city, Gaur City.


To target audience in Noida and Ghaziabad who interested to invest in real estate in residential and commercial.


Client selects 20 sites which cover Noida and Ghaziabad. They want site live within 48 hours. We create a excel of sites and creative for approval from client that in which pattern they want site live. We coordinate with our site vendor to execute the all sites within 48 hours but they told that is not possible. But we convince the vendors and make the site live within 48 hours except 1-2 site due to site availability. Our strategy is as site we share the reporting picture to client and we do that. Client was happy with our prominent process.


Ongoing campaign client told they want to shift some particular sites, but there is no permission for that site. Then we take the permission from Noida Authority and make the site live again. Client told us for daily reporting but we discussed and do reporting in alternate days and inform the client when authority inception going. In this campaign sometimes sites were installed due to authority issue which we resolved with coordination with vendors and site make live as soon as possible.



We finally complete the campaign and we live the sites some extra days because of some problem facing in ongoing campaign due to site uninstall. Client was very happy and they appreciated us for timely reporting and solving problem which we facing during campaign.


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Learning Tips

  • Motivate the team to work in hard situation.
  • Patience is very important to work under pressure.
  • Strong planning is required to proper execution of work.
  • Quality of work has to be maintained.

       These tips helped me to make my project successful.

*These tips helped me to make my project successful.

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